Cannot delete blog.

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    I have not received the confirmation email to delete my wordpress blog. I’ve checked my spam folder and have sent the request several times. I am simply unable to delete it because I am not receiving the email.

    Any advice?

    Thank you! : )

    The blog I need help with is



    So providers may not put what they detect as spam in a spam folder. They may delete it entirely. Check your email provider for a means to “whitelist” the domain name. Or ask their support staff (if they have any). I assume you checked your email setting to be sure it is correct.

    In the mean time, if you do not want your blog to appear, you can set it to be private, and/or delete the posts.



    So -> Some (sorry, typing too fast)



    Thanks Motre for your helpful response.

    I’ve had absolutely no luck deleting this and it’s frustrating. I want to delete it because I moved my blog over to blogspot and don’t want the wordpress blog to come up in the google search anymore. I have one post, directing readers to blogspot and my wordpress blog that hasn’t been updated in a year ranks as number 1 and just think it looks unprofessional as it hasn’t been updated.

    If I hide it, will it still populate in this google search…and then be a dead link? That’s even worse….


    I have conform the bloglink for remove blog, but the blog is still there and when I want to log in to ut it come up a letter that im not have the rights for doing that. So the blog most have been remove but its still there? Anyone how might know why?
    Sorry for my bad english im swedish.

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