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    Hello. I have been trying to delete my blog permanently. I have followed the instructions given in support only I never get the confirming email. Can you help me with this.



    The blog I need help with is


    Did you go to dashboard / tools / delete blog and follow through.


    thank you dribblingpensioner. Yes I did do all that, just exactly as specified in the Support directions. I have been awaiting the supposed email that will be sent, through which I can confirm my selection but the email NEVER COMES.

    That’s the problem.

    I want to follow through… I just don’t get the chance.


    How long ago did you delete it because it could take a few days for the email ( i think )


    That could be the problem which is why I posted here. I just did it yesterday. So maybe I need to wait until Monday or so?


    I would and then come back if you don’t get it.



    Please return to your first thread and respond to Staff who posted into it yesterday


    @ grinningthorn, why waste peoples time with a double post and not checking your mail and blog etc.


    Timethief– I did try to post this yesterday but I did not receive any emails with anything about difficulty deleting. I just visited the link and apparently it is classified under the title of “I”

    I suppose the full title did not go in and I became confused what to look for. My mistake. Thank you

    Dribblingpensioner – as you can see from the above something happened when posting this topic, the title did not all get in and I was not following a topic labeled “I”. I did not mean to double post and waste your time. Thank you for your help.

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