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    Using the twenty-ten theme: I have deleted the “home” page but it still shows up in the header menu. When I open the “Pages” section of the dashboard there isn’t any home page. If I open the “menu” section it shows up on the left under pages only if I click “view all” but there is no delete option. There is no home page but if I click on it from the header menu it brings me to the top of the lastest posts. How do I delete it from just below the header photo?

    The blog I need help with is


    The “home” page is the default dynamically generated posts page. It doesn’t exist until someone types the address into their browser and hits return.

    If you do not want a link (home tab) back to the site main page in the top navigation, then simply create a custom menu and include only the pages that you want in that menu.


    Well that explains why I never had a “home” tab in my old custom menu. It must have showed up as default when I deleted the custom menu? I guess. Thanks again for your help.


    You are welcome.


    I recreated my old custom menu and “home” still showed up though I never put it there. Itried both with and without adding it to the custom menu. I then deleted it. “Home” still shows up as a page in the “page” section – with no options to delete. And it’s place in the header menu seems permanent. I wouldn’t mind if it actually took me to what I’d like as the home page but instead it brings me to the top of the lastest posts.


    Go back to appearance > menu and make sure you selected your menu from the “primary location” pulldown in the theme location module at upper left and then click “save.”


    Thanks, fiddling with just that as your reply came in. I’ll see how it goes.


    Okay. Still stuck. How do I make “home” the page that tells about the site even if I prefer to have readers first land on the lastest posts. When I put in the parameter of going to the lastest posts rather than a static page, “home” self-designates to be the lastest posts rather than the page telling about the site.


    I would not assign “Home” to the about page because standard web practices are that “home” is the main top level landing page. You can either edit the title of that page and add it to the site, or you can add the page and then edit the “label” after adding it to the menu by clicking on the right end of the title bar for that page in the custom menu.


    What you just said about standard web practices clarifies this. I was under the false impression that “home” and “about” were usually the same pages. I’ll stop bothering you now. You earned a medal for helping me tonight. Good luck in all you do!!


    You are welcome, thanks and the same to you.

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