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    When designing a custom menu in a test blog, I am having the silliest time. I just cannot delete a menu item I have created. I could swear that about an hour ago, I successfully deleted menu items by dragging and dropping them to outside the editing box. Now, when I do it, the darn thing just swims back home like a demented salmon. Do I have to delete the whole menu and start again? (say ‘no’, please…) I am in Twenty-Eleven (in case this matters but I don’t think it should…)



    Clicking on the menu item to get the detail, in the menu editor, offers me the option to remove the item. That’ll work. Don’t need to drag and drop. Just need to get rid of it…!


    Menu items aren’t deleted “by dragging and dropping them to outside the editing box” but by clicking the arrow at the right to open them, clicking Remove, and clicking Save Menu.


    Also, make sure the menu you want is the one selected in the Theme Locations pulldown.

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