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Cannot drag drop widgets in WP 2.2

  1. just upgraded to WordPress 2.2 , but in the new widgets section the widgets cannot be dragged onto the sidebar
    Server - Gentoo LAMP setup
    Browser Firefox


  2. You need to be asking at We are hosted by and our software is quite different.

  3. But I can't grag widgets, either.

  4. bossdom, you need to give us some details. browser, browser version, what you're seeing, etc. Just telling us somethign is not working for you doesn't give us anyting to go on.

  5. @bossdom
    (1) What is your operating system?
    (2) Which browser and version of it are your using?

  6. I just experienced this. But get any widget that you don't want from the bottom of the page and throw it in there anywhere. That will make it stick. Then fill the sidebar with what you want and later take out the one that you just threw in there. Sounds weird but it worked for me just now.

  7. My problem has resolved, thanks: )

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