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Cannot edit any posts

  1. :: yep - i`m back again - good mornin all around!

  2. davidbeyondborders

    Mine is functioning again. It is temporary. Hope it's the same for the rest of y'all. :)

  3. All working again :)...have to redo my post though :/.

  4. openanthropology

    It's working for me too. without WordPress almost looked real again...scary!

  5. Editing works again. Thx.

  6. spacemans hairdo

    @openanthropology - I 'eard dat!!! My life was flashing before my eyes.

  7. Hi all. We're sorry about that issue. Thanks very much for your patience. It won't be rearing its ugly head anymore.

  8. @timethief at 7:32,

    Unconnected blog links is, besides an off-topic, a matter I've posted before (and others as well?). WordPress had no solution for the matter. So till my dying blogdays I will have no blog-connected name in the forum. The ways of the great WordPress server are unfathomable, right?

  9. It's working again, and my draft is unaffected. Thank you!

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