cannot edit comments to add pictures

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    i’m trying to edit a comment and then add a picture using the ADD PICTURE icon. It adds but then when i click edit comment… it does not show the picture anymore. It’s the same as when adding a javascript / flash.

    but this time i’m just trying to add a picture… how come cannot??

    actually i think we cannot even add pics in comments by:
    <img src=”__________”/>

    can we??

    thanks :)



    Javascripts and embeds are striped out of user inputed fields. (ie posts and comments) This is covered in the FAQ.

    I know when I look at a comment field on my test blog, I don’t see the image tags under the allowable ones.

    …And a test shows me that they don’t get included.



    Users can link to a picture they’ve uploaded on a separate photo storage site like Flickr. However, if users could actually upload pictures (or other content) through comments, then they could easily spam blogs they don’t like by overwhelming them with huge files or posting “adult” or other inappropriate content.

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