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    I had an image post on my blog entitled ‘if someone breaks your heart’ (my most recent one)
    I noticed that the spelling of a word in the image was incorrect so I corrected it and then tried to upload the corrected image. The original has been deleted and now it wont let me upload a new image to that post. I can re-upload as a whole new post, but I would lose all the comments and ‘likes’.
    Why wont wordpress allow me to upload this new image. (I was able to upload a new image to this post 2 days ago_
    Can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I see that you did manage to upload 8 versions of the image. Did you get this resolved?

    One thing to keep in mind is that an image is uniquely named forever. So if you have an image uploaded and then delete it, no other image can have the same exact name. I’m not sure if this is what you’re running into, but you should be able to add the image to your post and update the post without losing your likes and comments.

    Just let me know if I didn’t understand your problem correctly!


    I’ve been wanting to blog since I don’t know when. So, I finally joined wordpress and sat down to publish my first article and–there’s a snag! In my article, I write ” I noticed a posting for a mindfulness group on the wall” but in the final, published version it says “I not a posting…”. No matter how many times I edit it it doesn’t change. Really frustrating. Any ideas?



    Hi romeoantonio74,

    Could you start a fresh thread for this new issue? You can tag it “modlook” in the sidebar to the right (just type modlook into the tag area) to make sure a staff member sees it.


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