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cannot edit posts

  1. Is that the only one having trouble?

    I'd like to see if they're all using the same ISP or browsing from the same region.

  2. there is at least another one, zambullida.

    i am not a moderator and cannot see or ask for each ISP of each user. It is a big debate out there.

    Everybody in this forum has had problems. Most of them corrected through https and some of them not:

  3. No need for IPs, I can get those if I know the username. Are any other users having a problem after switching to HTTPS, or is it just zambullida and visnuh?

  4. Today we've had a lot of activity and it seems everybody has been able to solve it through the https.

    you should inform users about this https, as not everybody reads the forum.


  5. Excellent, thanks for letting us know!

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