Cannot Embed Certain Videos

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    I can embed vimeo and youtube clips just fine, however when I copy and paste the embed code from certain videos directly from the providers site, like yahoo, cnn, or comedy central, like the one at the end of this post, all I get is a text link to the video upon publishing, not the embedded video. Am I suppose to do something differently with these sources to get the embedding to show up properly? Or is it some sort of policy for those site for the embed code to simply be a link back to their site?

    example link

    Do you have any way to grab the embed code off that video and paste it into a post so that I can embed it? Thanks in advance :)

    The blog I need help with is




    For security reasons, WP doesn’t allow the direct use of embed codes (except from sources they support, such as YouTube). You can convert any flash embed code into a working shortcode, but the embed code of the video you linked to isn’t flash, it’s an iframe: can’t be used on

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