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    I have a video weebchannel called From there one can go and grab the code to embed the video to a site (similar to youtube). I have a blog where I write updates and news made to named (powered by wordpress 2.0.5 )

    The embed code form my site looks like this:

    <embed src=”” FlashVars=”videoName= Hilton Interview”type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”564″ height=”318″></embed>

    Ive tried several things but I havent been able to embed the video player in a post… matter what I do. I installed a couple of “fixes” and then read this article:
    but it seems it only works for youtube……is there a way I can do this? embed my video player into a post?

    Thanks in advanced.



    Hi there,
    If you are a blogger use of the forum search box or the FAQs would have given you the answer. Flash embeds, javascript, forms are a “no-no” on a shared mutliuser blogging platform like this one. They compromise security so the WP software protects our blogs by stripping the code out.
    This explains why javascript is stripped.
    If you are a self hosted or web hosted blogger then here’s the support forum link you are looking for


    I am a selfhosted wordpress user. I must have missed something in that wordpress support article but as far as I understand, that method shown in the article is specific to youtube. It wont work with my player.

    If im wrong and that method works with any embed player and I misunderstood please correct me. If not, can I modify any of the code to allow this embed to be done? If so, what code should I modify? any tutorial? thanks



    The information I give you here is for MU (a multi-user blogging platform) and is not applicable to your blog. The two, and use different software. Please go to [she said sending him away politely with a smile :)].



    You’re at the wrong site. You need to be over at since you’re running different software than we are here.

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