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cannot enter via my (newbie) blog, must go back to wp-site

  1. hello !

    I just tried to begin with a blog, til yesterday everything seemed to run well, (just start, but anyway)
    but now

    - if I call my blot it cannot load entirely, it comes, so the url works, but nothing comes above header and below, so no login no home etc.
    - then I discovered the only way for me is to go to wp-site and login from there,
    - with an error-message telling me, by the way, that "I have to enable cookies" (but they were and are enabled) plus I removed all existing cookies plus I deleted the history temp files etc. no way. therefore I come back to you,

    any help would make me happy !
    thank you, marie

    ah I am on firefox 363 with windows xp
    and I tried also with IE (7) and it is the same problem. so perhaps a question with the theme ? although it did work at the beginning....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked and I'm able to see that blog without any problems.

    What you are describing sounds like part or all of the site is being blocked by your local network or ISP or possibly even a anti-virus or firewall filter of some kins. It's difficult to tell based on your description alone.

    Although, the error about cookies does indicate a problem with the cookie settings in your browser. Did you see that error on both Firefox AND Internet Explorer 7?

    Is there any chance you can check from a computer that is using a different network as a test?

  3. thank you so much for your care !

    - if I go onto (discovered that now) any other blog than mine, no problem, I can see the bars above and below, and can login there, not only on the home-site WP. so, it's just my own blog.

    - as to the error-message-issue,
    I did not always have the problem of failing to login,
    so I did not have the opportunity to reproduce the case.

    the only 100% recurrent case on both browsers is that my blog does not show up correctly, offering me the bars to login etc. or profile etc.

    it seems that the login/cookie problem and the my-blog-not showing correctly-issue are 2 different points.

    - thank you so much for telling me that other people, like you, have not this problem ! so if you see not only my blog but bars above and below and could login via this page, all is fine, at least I am calming down (:-))))

    and yes, next time I get someone of my relatives living in another country I ll ask them to check this for me

    so maybe, yes could be a firewall-issue but then I think I would not even see any difference between my own wp-blog and other people's wp-blogs.

    I ll come back - because I feel so happy that you took care - and inform you about what I found at the end - if I find out !!! (:-)

    meanwhile thank you again, I appreciate, really, that you took not only the time to check this but also to write me !!!!

    have a nice day !

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