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Cannot find my blog dashbord

  1. I have created a blog to go with my Photoshelter site, my blog address is and the site is Im cannot now seem to find the dashboard for this blog it keeps taking me to a completely different blog I set up please help
    Blog url:

  2. If you are logged into and visit you should see a menu in the left side of the admin bar up top with the title of this blog. In that menu there is a link to the dashboard for this blog where you can also manage domain names for this blog under Settings>Domains.

    In addition to this you'll need to configure DNS through your registar or web host to point your subdomain this site. You can find more information about this from the following link:

  3. ive tried doing 3 tests and it keeps posting to this blog I cant understand this as ive made a few successful entries to and didnt find it difficult before

  4. Can you please explain in more detail exactly what is happening, including the steps you have taken up to this time and precisely what you are expecting which is not happening?

  5. ok so I open my go to BLOG hover on the wordpress icon and go to MY Blog!/my-blogs/ click on DASHBOARD and it is taking me to which is not the blog I want? I want to edit this blog

  6. When you hover on the WordPress Icon does it say 'My Blog' or 'My Blogs'?

    If it says 'My Blog' then I think you're logging in to an account for the blog, and you have a separate account for If this is true you should get an error explaining this account does not have permission when you visit

  7. it says My Blog but i am not getting an error message?

  8. When you click 'My Blog' in the logo menu do you see both of these sites listed?

  9. no only, dawnoconnor Primary Blog

  10. What happens if you visit and add a new post there?

  11. arh that worked, it posted to the correct blog?

  12. It would appear you do have two accounts: dawnrosie and dawnrosie1... I did not thing you could be logged in as both at the same time but perhaps I was wrong about that...

    In any case I think you'll need to either be careful about which account you are logged in as (use one at a time), access your dashboard directly using the wp-admin/ URL, or you may request a transfer of your blog so you only have one account. I would recommend the latter option, but your milage may vary.

  13. You've obviously got something confused somewhere. Maybe you're logged in under an alternate ID or something.

    In my Dashboard, I can easily select from more than one 'blog' (I truly HATE that term).

    There is also a dropdown where I can select them and their dashboards. In the upper right corner of your screen, you should see your username (or a truncated portion of it). When you hover over it, it will drop down and display other options. Something like what is shown in this image:

  14. ok tks for your help, ill have a look at it in a bit, i have a visitor now but ill get back to it soon, thank you

  15. ah I see my avatar has now also changed to dawnrosie as opposed to dawnrosie1. Can I alter which blog is my primary one?

  16. If you wish to set a 'primary blog' you need to have more than one blog under one account, I would recommend transferring the blog under your dawnrosie1 account to your dawnrosie account. Then you can select your 'primary blog' in your account settings.

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