cannot find my blog when I search for it

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    I just started a blog a couple days ago. It is open to the public but when I sent the blog name to my friends, nobody could see it. They tried google and searching by going to the wordpress website. What am I doing wrong? I have definitely ticked off the option for the blog to be open to public.

    The blog I need help with is


    Submit it to search engines like google, and make sure they got the link correct.



    Thanks for the reply. So that means a person cannot go to the WP website and search for my blog that way?



    The username of yours refers to
    Go to Dashboard > Username > Personal Setting > Where it asks for website paste the url of your blog.
    It takes time to build search rank. Are your friends unable to see the blog when clicking to
    Is this so then please post the url of your blog here.



    http://(email redacted) is entered in the spot that asks for website, which is correct.
    What am I missing?
    I am ready to shut this whole thing down, very frustrated!



    Sorry, I didn’t answer your question. When I go to and enter this into the search box, nothing shows up. Isn’t that how people find me?




    Either you give people the exact URL of your blog (like in an email, so they can just click on it) or people google you. Since you are brand-new and have little content, your blog isn’t showing up on searches yet. The solution: stick around and blog more.

    It can take six weeks or more to get listed on search engines. The quickest way to get on their radar is to blog frequently and well, with lots of original text.

    The search isn’t generally used to find blogs. It searches content, not blog names.


    You have http://(email redacted)/ with the @ symbol.

    You need to correct that and replace the @ with a period (.) like this.



    THANK YOU for explaining things so I understand now.
    It’s too bad there isn’t a way for people to find my blog through WP if they don’t know the exact URL. I didn’t realize people could just click on the URL and would be directed right to the blog. I am learning!
    It will also help if I had provided them with the correct URL.


    You are welcome, and just give it some time. It takes a little while to get established with the search engines so that you show up higher in search results, but having your site at is a big advantage.

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