Cannot find my latest post in the reader

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    Hi there,
    the latest post on our blog – – seems to not appear in the reader. Also our followers can’t see this post ( As far as we know, we haven’t changed anything.
    We checked the points listed here but there are not more than 15 tags and categories. It is also not offensive (it is a blog about cooking and baking) or private. I also searched in the forum, but could not find anything helpful… Help is appreciated very much! Thank you!
    Best regards!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hey did you find out why ?
    I am having the same problem with my latest post !


    Not yet… unfortunately :(



    @michaelaschreibt I wasn’t able to see what caused your post to not appear, but I was able to fix it.

    @msplainspoken I fixed your site as well. Usually when this happens it’s just a fluke, but if either of you have trouble with this again, please let us know.


    Thank you very much! :)



    Cheers :) Update us here again if you run into trouble.


    Thanks @supernovia :) Appreciate the help. Is there some fix that we should be aware of? Also I feel that the views are significantly lesser when this happens…. @Micaelaschreibt did you notice this ??
    (I have had this problem earlier but I thought I put one too many tags !! )



    @msplainspoken there isn’t. We very rarely see this (compared to the number of posts showing up in feeds every day) and have not yet been able to find a pattern as to what causes it. We do have a way we can fix it on our end though as staff. So if you see it again, just holler and we’ll check it. And if you see it on any regular basis, we will pester you for more details to see if we can figure it out. Cheers!


    @supernova Thank you for the support ! _/\_

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