Cannot find my new blog AT ALL using google search…..

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    I have recently started a new website/blog for my dog walking company. I have used wordpress for a year for my art work and have no problems what so ever locating my art website via a google search or by typing it straight into the address bar. However with my new website/blog I cannot find it AT ALL. Google can’t find it and even when I type in the exact address into the web address bar on my browser, nothing. I paid for the .com as I did with my last blog. Whats going on?? I have not completed my site yet but I should still be able to find it via google. I will be advertising my company soon and launching the site publically, I really need this sorted. Any one have any idea what to do?


    The blog I need help with is



    You answered your own question: the blog is new.

    It can take up to seven weeks for a blog to be indexed by search engines, because until there’s a fair amount of original material that is linked to by others, there’s really no reason to index it. Simply blog more and use keywords well and it will happen.



    You have nothing yet to index –

    On the good side if you are telling people about your new service you should be giving them the URL – also keep in mind that Posts call up search engines and ask them to drop by – Pages do not – so make sure you have some Posts


    Ok thanks guys, I will post more over the next week and hopefully it will boost the index thing! Thanks for the advise.

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