Cannot find my sharitage

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    Okay I am trying to set up a blog site for my domain.
    However, when I got to wordpress it enters me (automatically) to slbeen ((email redacted))
    When I try and register under sharitage it tells me there is already a user name of that name, but I can’t get to it. It STAYS STUCK on the slbeen.
    How do I get separate blogging sites????? And how do I get to sharitage and out of slbeen??????



    We can’t help you here at all with that make money site at all. This support forum is ONLY for blogging issues.



    WHAT “make money” site?
    I did not even mention anything about make money.
    I am trying to set up a blog with a domain name of SHARITAGE.
    Please read the email and answer my question because it is a WORDPRESS.COM BLOGGING ISSUE.



    When I click I see this:

    Hi … How Would It Feel to Start Making Money Right Away From Home?



    You can map from a free hosted blog URL (it doesn’t matter what the URL is) to a domain you already own by purchasing a domain mapping upgrade.

    Read first please > Important Notes Before Upgrading >

    Follow these instructions as you already have a domain that you registered elsewhere, and you want to map that domain to your blog.

    After you make the domain mapping purchase and do the set up it can take between 24 – 72 hours for domain name propagation to take place throughout the internet. You can view the DNS changes here >



    Me, too, but not sure why it’s there.
    As you can see if you really pulled it up there is NOTHING there in that site, but that one line.
    If that’s the problem I can go to GoDaddy and direct the domain name somewhere else.

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