Cannot find my this blog via any search engine including

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    I cannot see my blog via any search engine including
    Why would this be?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Take Care . . . . Smallerportions

    The blog I need help with is



    You really need to leave the URL you have the question about starting with http before anyone can even begin to think about helping you.

    The blog linked to your name is dead.



    That would be because you deleted it.


    The URL in question is
    How can this site be dead if I have not deleted it?
    Please kindly help.
    Regards . . . . Smallerportions


    @smallerportions. I click on the above link and it took me to your site. I got no idea of why you can not see it.



    @smallerportions The blog linked to from your nick is not the same blog as the link you posted, and is indeed deleted.

    The blog in question has one post, dated September 6 and, you’re right, it’s not showing on Google.

    Give it time, write more much more, and it should turn up.



    Set up a Google Webmasters account and verify ownership your blog with the big search engines. Instructions here > It can take from 4 – 6 weeks or more to add any new sites, but this article contains ten tips for expediting the process that you may find helpful..



    One post is invariably NOT enough to get indexed. You must add content, you must post more.

    The internet is entirely give-to-get. It’s like high school: If you want to be popular, you’ve got to put out.


    Thanks for all your advice everybody. Goodness knows why but nsite is now visible.



    Probably because you put a link to it in this thread and Google found it via that.


    Stuff in these forums are picked up by Google virtually immediately I’ve seen them get threads I’ve responded to by the time I can search for it on Google. WordPress.COM gets a lot of search engine attention.



    And something I discovered recently: at least in the “What did you post today” thread, the links are NOT NoFollow. Which means they count.


    That’s interesting. I had never really thought about it.


    Our links from our usernames are not nofollowed either from looking at the source code.



    You’d think, with all the time we spend in this forum, we’d have made Google our ****** by now. I wonder if this is a change and suddenly Google thinks we’re spammers…that would explain the death of my googlejuice on my primary blog.

    [Moderator note: edited language.]


    Speaking of hits, my blog has dropped about 40% this month on a daily average.

    I’ll help with the kidnapping.



    You getting ANYTHING from Google Image Search? They used to be a top referrer of mine and now it’s all gone.


    I didn’t get a huge amount from GIS, but that is down quite a bit as well. What is really down are my hits from general Google searches. Way, way down.

    I started to trail off on daily hits the last 4 days of August, and then the first of September, bam 40% down.

    I just looked back over my stats, and this month looks like it will be back to what I got in December of 2007.

    Something is definitely afoot methinks.


    On the other hand, I did major SEO tweaking on one of my client Joomla installs the first of July, and where June was 36,000 pageviews, this month they have already eclipsed that and the month ain’t half over yet.

    I wonder if Google has taken a dislike to everything wordpress?



    I compared with my other blogs and while the ones hosted here experienced a slight dropoff in May, there was nothing comparable to what happened to I’ve been in touch with staff trying to get this fixed for something over a month now.

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