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Cannot Find (or See) Permalinks Under Options

  1. Hello,

    I want to set up permalinks, all the documentation tells me to go to Options and select Permalinks from the following list:

    General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy, Permalinks, Miscellaneous

    But the list of Options that I have is as follows;

    General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Delete Blog , OpenID, Domains

    Can anyone advise

  2. I think you're in the wrong place, as our permalinks here at don't need to be set up. If your blog is self-hosted (and without a link to it I can't be sure) then you need to be at

  3. Hi,

    The blog URL is:


  4. I see the same as kaffy9 on my own blog: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Delete Blog , OpenID, Domains

  5. When you write that "all the documentation tells me" what do you mean? I'd like to see those guidelines...

  6. Oh, I know now. Those are guidelines. The features we have here on .com differ from the ones at the .org section of WordPress.

  7. Ah I see. In that case, do you know how I can set up permalinks?

    Any advice gratefully received...

  8. you can't setup permalinks on documentation is actually for self-hosted wordpress only because Automattic already do it for you.

  9. And i think the default permalinks in already good and it should be no problem at all

  10. Hi,

    Thanks, i realise this sounds exceptionally stupid, but can you expand a bit more on default permalinks...

  11. the default permalinks is the structure of your link e.g

    in self-hosted wordpress u can change it into something like
    e.g or something else.

  12. Thanks, I am still really confused, how and where do I create a permalink?

  13. The post title is the permalink. There is no need to create one.

  14. kaffy, it is as vivian says. takes care of it automatically.

  15. Does that mean I can't change it to ?

  16. You have no control over the permalinks.

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