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    When I click on “Follow” on the WordPress toolbar at the top, I get no confirmation email. I did until yesterday, but suddenly I don’t. So when I go back to those same blogs that I recently followed, it still gives me the option to follow instead of saying that I’m following. When I click on “Follow” on the toolbar, a tab appears that says, “You’re following (blog name). New posts from their blog will appear in Blogs That I Follow.” They do not appear there. This little tab started popping up as soon as this whole problem started. Also, when i go to unfollow other blogs on the toolbar, that doesn’t work either, and I still get their posts sent to my email.

    I can click on their follow widget and that works, but not all blogs that I want to follow have that, and I don’t want to have to search for it. I’d rather click Follow on the toolbar. The same goes for unfollowing – I can unfollow when I go to Edit on the Blogs I Follow page and click the X. But I don’t want to have to do that every time either. Any help?

    The blog I need help with is

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