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cannot get Draft to POST, AND photo's not displaying

  1. I am have having several problems with posting this past week. I have been unable to get "drafts" to publish, and also when I am inserting photo's they are not displaying on my blogs.
    I have tried out the "Windows Live Blog Writer" which is supposed to be supported, is that the problem?
    Suggestions/help please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// to your blog so we can examine it.

  3. I am having the same issue. I wrote and tried to publish a post last night and it wouldn't work. I tried publishing again this morning, but it still wouldn't work. I even tried using a different browser. Here is my link:

    @nanawithtwodogs-hope you don't mind me tagging along in your thread.

  4. Are you using Windows Live Writer or typing directly into the blog? And have you tried the Cookie Dance? That's worked for a few people reporting similar errors.


    this is the link that i cannot seem to get to publish

  6. I too am having trouble with the site. I cannot post or even get to my dashboard without it looking like a very slow link - White page, odd format...

    site is

  7. Oh... and I tried the cookie dance. :)

  8. What browser and version are you using, and are you typing directly into the blog or using Windows Live Writer etc?

  9. I am typing directly in. I did the Cookie Dance and my post still won't publish.

  10. I think I have found the problem and fixed it!
    When posting in the text box I noticed a new "tab" on the above right, suddenly there are two? one said "visual" and the other said either "html or unicode", can't remember but I clicked that and VOILA everything returned to normal and I got my posts published!
    p.s. Cookie dance did nothing for me either

  11. THANK YOU!!!! It worked!

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