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Cannot get TWITTER to show up! =(

  1. I copied and pasted the RSS feed URL into an RSS Widget, but it keeps saying it is an unrecognized feed.
    How the heck do I put twitter on my page?

  2. Which exact feed are you using? You have to use your own feed, not your conversation feed, eg:

    Not or whatever.

  3. Yes, the top feed is the one I was using....that's why I can't figure out what is happening.....

  4. Please paste the link here, so I can check it. And please link your name to your blog, not your external site, so we can more easily look over your blog when you have technical problems.

  5. You do not want friends_timeline. You want user_timeline.

  6. Ok, thanks, I changed it to user_timeline and the text from the Twitter shows up, but not the box (badge) that the text is suppossed to be in...

  7. Can I have a link to your blog, please, starting with http.

  8. Oh, do you mean the Twitter-formatted box? That does not show up on an RSS widget on a blog. Ever.

  9. I see it at the very bottom of your sidebar as "My Twitter", so it's there. Good night. :)

  10. Yes, raincoaster, the Twitter-formatted box. How did you get it on your blog?

  11. @gratefulmommy-I think I'm confused by what you mean as the "Twitter formatted box". The WordPress.COM RSS Widget displays your Twitter feed in your sidebar and the styling depends on what theme you are using.

    Raincoaster's Twitter feed shows up in a "box" because she is using a special CSS stylesheet on her blog and that is how the sidebar style is formatted. On my blog, my Twitter feed isn't in a "box"; it's just a heading (of my choice) with the feed results underneath.

  12. You cannot get it to show up, as I said above. The Twitter box itself will not show up on a blog.

  13. I have mine set to display headlines and it shows the content of each tweet. That's about as much formatting as one can do. What you have is basically what shows up on that theme. Different themes display widgets differently, so if you want it to look different, you're going to have to change themes. But you will not get the little blue-green box that is the Twitter default you see on other blogs. It does not work here.

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