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Cannot highlight to copy, paste or delete in Text Widget

  1. I cannot highlight the coding in my Text Widget to copy, paste or delete in block.

    I want to change my theme and to ensure that i don't lose all the work i did coding my text widget i wanted to copy it onto my notepad.

    However, the site will not let me highlight the coding and copy it.

    Note, i have NEVER done any html whatever computer language until TONIGHT. it took me SIX HOURS. I really do not want to lose all the work.

    So now, i am stuck with a them that i don't like.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  2. You must be using IE. Try firefox for this task. It'll work the way you expect.

  3. You will not lose your text widget content. Even if you pick a theme with no widgets, you should just be able to switch to a different theme and WP will remember your widget content.

  4. I once tried changing themes, and I did lose my widget contents, perhaps it was a bug or the computer I was using, I know it shouldn't have happened.

  5. Good lord! No, that should not have happened and it's never happened to me, even when I switched to a theme with no widgets!

  6. We used to be able to highlight in the widgetbox, but since they changed to the new dashboard, we can no longer do it. It's a real pain! It was definitely NOT an improvement. We also lost the ability to have 9 text widgets. Now there's only 6. Bummer!

  7. elainereese - are you hosted here at The site linked in your user name is not a blog. If you are hosted here, you should have no problems with more than 6 widgets. I actually am using 24 right now.

  8. Vivian, I just changed my address from my web site to my blog address.

    Yes, I use the .com version of wordpress. There seems to be no place on the widget page to increase the number of text widgets, even though I read where we can have 9. Before they made the Dashboard change, I was able to increase the number of text widgets. That box where I did that is gone since the Dashboard upgrade was made.

  9. You don't have to increase the number. On the left side, locate the text widget and click Add. That will put the text widget into the right column. (I think it is placed at the bottom.) Then drag it where you want it to be.

  10. Okay, good to see I can edit text widgets in Firefox, because I do it a lot. But IMHO this function should have been optimized for IE as well, since it is used far more than FF. Developers should write for the predominant browser first, then for the lesser used ones.

  11. @windwhistle - I agree. Interestingly, this function worked fine with IE7 in the .com version of 2.3.x but in the self-hosted 2.3.3 it does not. That's how I knew to try ffx. It's both annoying and perplexing.

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