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Cannot import from Blogger

  1. This is so incredibly frustrating! First, I have a self-hosted wordpress blog that I am trying (in vain I might add) to move posts from blogger to it. It is not working and no one seems to have an answer as to why.

    Then, I got the advice to import the posts to a blog and now this happens! I am so frustrated. My client wants to move from blogger to a wordpress platform but it looks like Murphy's Law is active right now because nothing is working. :(

  2. Oh and I want to mention that the blog I am trying to export is huge. The xml file is 24.8M.

  3. Same problem—any updates on this?

  4. Was told I could import, yet same problem. If I can't move, I can't move - it is about that simple.

  5. Okay, so here's a great tip for those trying to import to a self-hosted blog but ended up going the route of importing from to a blog and then from to wordpress self-hosted.

    Anyway, here is his solution:

    "I played around in the wordpress code and changed $parser = xml_parser_create_ns(); to $parser = xml_parser_create(); around line 920 in blogger.php

    Not sure if that helps the wordpress people make an official solution, but it is allowing me to import again."~schmidt00

  6. Same problem here.

  7. I'm having the same trouble as everyone else: When I try to import from Blogger Google says

    The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

    The site "" has not been registered.

    Since all I'm trying to do is import a blog from Blogger to my own self-hosted WordPress blog, I tried the fix kjetterman suggested above. blogger.php, in case any of you need to know, is in your WordPress install in the wp-admin/import/ directory.

    I hope that helps you; it's not helping me. I can only convince WordPress to import 30 or so of my 105 posts and no more, which is why I'm trying to get the import to work.

    This is after failing to get Movable Type to import my Blogger blog, which is all because Blogger's decided my blog is spam and won't let me publish new posts to it. I'm having a bad couple of days.

  8. sweetnsassygirls

    I have been having the same problem and couldn't convert my blogger export file to a wp one using the link given. It was too big. When I tried to break it into smaller sections it didn't work.

    I just did what kjetterman posted and it worked awesome. It didn't move all my comments, but it got most of them. Thank you so much! I've been trying to work on this for several days now!

    BTW- I was trying to move to a self hosted wp account, but it wouldn't allow me to, so it was suggested to import to a account and then transfer that into the self hosted account. This fix allowed me to import it right into my self hosted account.

  9. same problem, what is going on here??

  10. me too..

  11. me too!

  12. Just in case anyone is still looking to fix this, I found the answer in this thread. I figured I'd bring it to the front again:

    I got a reply to an email I sent Support. Here's what you do, and it's pretty easy.

    1. In Blogger, go to your Settings > Basic > Blog Tools > Export Blog.

    2. Click on Download Blog. It'll save as an .xml file.

    3. Go to and find the .xml file that you exported from Blogger and click Convert. It'll save as a .xml file.

    4. ***IMPORTANT - Browse to where you downloaded the file and RENAME THE EXTENSION AS A .WXR FILE***

    4. In WordPress, go to Tools > Import > WordPress.


  13. Has anyone ever told you your a life saver?

  14. Revoked. "Safari can’t open the page “feed://” because it could not load any data from this location."

  15. Ok, for future reference, the above worked quite well, just I don't suggest using Safari. I switched to Fire fox and it worked great :)

  16. Working for me right now.

    Never use Safari.

    Always FF or Chrome!

  17. kaltetchannelblog


    When i tried to convert file using

    Got below error

    Error: Request Entity Too Large
    Your client issued a request that was too large.

    Any other way out ! Tried all mentioned in this forum none is working

  18. @kaltetchannelblog I'm having a similar problem. blogger is exporting a .xml file, but it won't convert. I even had someone at wordpress take the file blogger is giving me but they couldn't get it to work. anyone else having this problem?

  19. kaltetchannelblog

    @debauslaugh I had several blogger blogs with my single account.

    Two blogs with small data file did work using @jadedconformist method.

    but i am looking for the solution which allow me to process 10.6 MB xml file and convert into .WXR

  20. jadedconformist, you are awesome. You saved me hours of pulling my hair out. I had to break up the blog into several uploads because it was large, but it worked like a charm. Now i just need to figure out why embeds aren't working anymore. I think I need a plugin. Thanks again jadedconformist.

  21. LMAO me too. same message, same sheet. Anyways I will stop worrying about it, and then start posting stuff from scratch. I only have like 24 posts in Eblogger lol. Happy blogging guys and guls

  22. um spoke too soon. Looks like I'm gonna have to give JadedConformist's method a shot before waving the white (surrender) flag. Thanks. Let's do this!

  23. fecking epic!!! Jaded it worked. Thanksss! :-D

  24. Hey! anyone still stuck with this - Try using the normal import process. I think Google fixed what ever was happening on their end where it would not recognize as being authorized or registered or whatever it was.

    I tried it two days ago and it finally worked!

  25. Hurray! Yes. Works for me too.

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