Cannot import fully?-Don’t get discouraged

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    While importing initially, all the posts do not get imported immediately. However, if you keep trying, you should be successful.Some of the posts got repeated but all you have to do then is edit post and delete. It is lesser of the two evils-copying all the posts would be too tedious and timeconsuming.I started blogging a few months back and had only 18posts. It took me only about half an hour to import and delete if reduce the time taken for starting something new. People with more posts will take greater time but hats off to wordpress:-

    Though initially it may cause a little stress,
    For importing from others, do not digress
    I must profess
    The excellent features of WordPress
    Never cease to impress
    A lot of limitations they redress
    I don’t have enough words to express
    Hope they continue like this and never regress
    Hope they have sustained, long term success
    God bless you, WordPress



    The importer is designed to avoid duplicate posts. We’re working on resolving the issues you report here. Thanks for the report.

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