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    I’m using the browser uploader…Flash 9, not 10…Firefox 3.0.4…WordPress 2.6.5.

    I can’t for the life of me insert images into my posts using the browser uploader. I start by clicking on the “Add an image” icon in the visual post window toolbar. From there, it’s nothin’ but headaches.

    The images upload to the gallery fine from my desktop…half the time. The other half of the time, it just hangs indefinitely, regardless of how small the image file is.

    When clicking on “Show” in the browser uploader, nothing happens. When clicking on “Show” in the Gallery, nothing happens. At no time, in either window, does a thumbnail or other representation of the image appear.

    Each time I leave the site, all images disappear from the Gallery.

    There is a small empty box/square to the left of “Show” labeled “Order”–no clue if that’s supposed to mean or do something.

    In all the posts regarding similar problems, I see other users mentioning an “Insert into post” button. No such button or language appears anywhere in the “From computer” section or Gallery window…the one in the “From URL” section is grayed out.

    When I click on the “Add an Image” icon in the visual editor, the ever-frustrating browser uploader window opens. If I click on the Gallery tab, I’m back to the “Show” button that does nothing and no button labeled “Insert into post.”

    I’ve been trying for two days to get a response to this in the forum…have looked endlessly on both the and .org sites for a Support link…have also searched my copy of WordPress for a similar link…nothing there either. I truly feel like I’ve been left alone out here with no one to help.

    Please, please, please, please, please reply to let me know how to insert photos since this doesn’t appear to function as one would expect. If there’s user documentation written for people who don’t code for a living, that would be helpful too. Big time.



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    A link to the blog you are referring to would help.
    But if you are using WordPress 2.6.5, then I think is where you need to ask for help.
    Our software is different here at .com:



    I feel like such a dork….

    I haven’t imported the posts currently on my blogger site yet, unsure if this is going to function.

    Have posted twice on in the past two days, but no one appears to be paying attention. No responses of any kind to either plea for assistance.

    If someone here can help me out, that would be IMMENSELY appreciated. I’ve been stuck on this blasted thing for four days now, with no one offering any help.

    Thanks in advance….


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    Sorry. But a link to your WordPress.COM blog is needed before anyone can help you.
    “” does not look like a blog. does not go anywhere.

    A link starting with http://… that connects to your blog?

    If you don’t have a blog hosted at WordPress.COM, then we can’t help.

    Software and what you can do differs from one host to another.


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    I mean “” does not look like a WordPress.COM.
    sorry for the typo. Yours is not a .COM blog.
    This forum is manned by volunteers who know and help about WordPress.COM.


    Since the OP mentions they are using 2.6.5, they are obviously self-hosted and the problem is that the problem may be a permissions setting on an upload folder, or something with the .htacess file, or something in the wp-config.php file or any number of things that we know nothing about here at wordpress.COM.

    My suggestion is to search on the wordpress.ORG forums for “can’t upload images” and other things to see if the answer has already been given. I expect it has, probably many times. You can also include 2.6.5 in the search string


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    I don’t think the OP read my first response that he/she should look at .
    Hope the OP will find the way there now.


    The problem as they said in their second post is that .ORG hasn’t responded. That isn’t unusual in my experience. I’ve gotten probably 3 responses to 10 questions posted over there. The best (although quite time consuming) thing to do over there is search for everything you think your problem might be listed under. Sometimes it has taken me 3 or 4 hours to find a solution.

    WP.ORG is what it is.


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    So, that could be why they come to so often these forums; they don’t get answers easily there and figure they will try a forum with a similar name. Makes sense. The site i work on at my job owns both the .com and .org names (and .com redirects to the .org site).

    Also I think folk don’t pay much attention to .com vs .org so that’s why we have both domains.


    Yeah, that may be one reason for sure. We really don’t know how good we have it here at .COM with the community of helpful and knowledgeable volunteers and staff.


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    Thanks for taking the time to read what my original post said, and for showing compassion for the frustration I’m experiencing in the .ORG “support” forums. Similar to your prior experience, I’ve posted multiple times, but have yet to receive even one response. For those of us who need our blogs embedded in our business websites, the .COM version is not a viable option.

    My S.O.S. post here was not an attempt to usurp or oblivious confusion over the difference between .COM and .ORG, but a sincere request for help from the sister site that uses the same basic program as the latter of the two. I’m sorry you missed the clear explanation in my original post noting my repeated attempts to work with .ORG support. An extra moment to read that might have saved you some angst…and me from feeling I’d been spanked for bad behavior in a couple of your subsequent posts.

    Guess I’m one of those naïve souls who likes to reach out and help, regardless of where the request comes from. Sorry to have been an inconvenience.



    No need. It’s been made sufficiently clear we’re not welcome.

    All this because I asked for help……… ::: sigh :::


    @paperqueen, the reason we cannot answer you here is that the software here works differently and few if any here have any experience with the self-hosted software from .ORG. From what you have described I expect the problem you are experiencing is in files that we here do not have access to so we have no experience with them.

    As I suggested, do some searching over at .ORG forums and try several different ways of phrasing it and you might come up with the answer.


    Wow paperqueen, sorries. Didn’t know you weren’t getting the help ya needed :(

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