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    I have been having problems re-sizing photos after they have been uploaded as well as inserting links. Additionally, when I paste from Word, the font size becomes smaller. Any way to increase the font size and when do you expect these other bugs to be fixed?



    Don’t paste from Word. It will screw things up. Paste it into something like Notepad to strip out the formatting Word adds and then paste that clean text into the editor.

    I’ve been told you can drag the corner of an image to resize it, but I can’t try it myself because I can’t upload ATM.



    How are you attempting to resize (the exact method, please, there are several)? Are you using the Visual editor or the Code editor? What browser and version are you using?



    I also can’t post links. i could do so just fine until the “update” occurred.

    also, unless i “left align” each paragraph or line, i wind up w/ a huge wall of text, w/ no spaces b/t the sentences. i have never been able to do this.



    Are you using the Visual editor or the Code editor? What browser and version are you using?



    the visual editor. when i highlight the portion to be turned into a link, then click the “link” button, a blank box appears.

    i use safari.


    When I try to insert a photo, I cannot re-size it. I get the window that I had gotten before, but it stops loading( the same for inserting links). I am using IE but had no problems before the update.



    Yup same thing happening to me…. Any button that requires an external window to open up (add link, more colours from the colour scheme, insert custom character, insert media image) etc as the other above have described..

    I got windows xp, using IE7

    Here is the blank screen I get when clicking on “insert link” for example (and I got the error message by clicking on the bottom left hand corner icon of IE7 :

    If it’s something wrong on my end, please give me a step by step of what to do (clear chache?cookies?switch to firefox?…etc etc) Otherwise hope to see it soon fixed :)




    right click that window and select “reload frame”, then it should work.

    but i’m still looking for an answer to my problem: after i choose a picture to upload nothing happens… what do i do? :((



    Ah YES refresh works!! Thanks for that icehot!

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