cannot log in do to bad certicate any browser

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    this is the certicate string

    Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.

    HTTP Strict Transport Security: true
    HTTP Public Key Pinning: false

    Certificate chain: (is not necessary here)[/code]

    how i was able to get to the forum. used local hot spot and pinged it
    then i was able to log in.
    but i still have access to only one blog dashboard ( a private )
    no other.

    what i want to do. be able to log in my wordpress dashboard and post.
    i cannot and need help with getting to the dashboard pages

    any input besides the obvious contact my internet provider would be welcomed.

    The blog I need help with is



    link to a blog log looks lie this

    on a bypass on an out of date browser
    404 error


    before doing so, browser claims its an Ebay . com certificate valid to 2019



    Firefox claims the following

    The certificate is only valid for the following names: [domains not related to us]


    now able to access my dashboard and loggin successfully with no certification.

    the log is at
    a23- 194-1 18- 117 deploy static akamaitechnologies com

    a some what suprising find since it is cloud content carrier and is not a wordpress domain

    and i have had some issues with the “handling” of these domains.

    if this is an error, and log ins should not be at this domain it would be VERY helpful if someone says

    thank you



    additionally #9.5d5c3a17.1539408116.19fcf2ec is a common message when
    deploy static akamaitechnologies com subhosts/domains are read by a web browser.
    again it would be helpful if someone points out this is an error to be redirected there.

    thank you.



    @dlager The login redirect is normal. The rest, not so much. Could be your ISP, could be a misconfigured proxy setting, or it could even be malware. But as it’s happening on your end and others aren’t experiencing the same thing, I’m not sure where to point you.

    Since you’re able to access your site on a different connection, we’ll focus on your questions about WordPress.

    how i was able to get to the forum. used local hot spot and pinged it
    then i was able to log in.
    but i still have access to only one blog dashboard ( a private )
    no other.

    What happened when you tried to access other dashboards?



    all things are normal and i apologize for not responding sooner.

    i have some ISP problems this is of note.

    but i firewalled a domain and i was able to log in at wordpress from all browsers and computer.

    1. the puzzling ability to log into the forum only:
    i can only guess my internet path went a different direction when logging in at the forums.
    i could not log in anyway but at the forum and that did not let me get to the dashboard. i would recieve browser certificate errors when going to the dash

    2. pinging the domain to be able to get the login…
    i dont know what the “obstruction” was.
    the only other data was that my browsers said that wordpress certificate was “ebays certificate ”

    3. there is a good chance that that the content manager was being abused. on this matter i took it up with authorities.

    any other data on the matter i will let post. hopefully thats it.



    Thanks @dlager, there are a few mysteries left here still.

    – Can you explain what you mean by “pinging the domain” ? Do you mean a literal ping -n in terminal or something else?

    – Our certificates don’t say ebay on them, so more info on that would be helpful

    – Please do allow third party cookies, at least for and, to see if that will help

    – If you suspect this could all be a firewall configuration issue and wouldn’t mind briefly disabling to test, that would be helpful, too.



    In fact if you can test by disabling browser extensions, too, and anything else that could be playing with the interaction between your system and ours, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.



    thanks you.
    again the problem was before reaching

    i did not know i could disable third party cookies at wordpress and that sounds like it might remedy this in the future, since the problem was an from a content-moving domain that has nothing to do with wordpress

    thanks again!

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