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Cannot log into old WP account because of old email address change

  1. Hello,

    A very long time ago, I created a WP account and have since deleted the email associated with it. I didn't realize that I would no longer be able to access the account, and now I do not remember the login information, which means I cannot retrieve the password change email, etc.

    Here is the old blog's address:

    I now have a new WP account and wish to delete the old account, or at least delete the old blog from the old account. I'm stuck, please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please try clicking "Need More Help?" at the lost password link

  3. SAME PROBLEM! Link given by timethief doesn't help I'm afraid.

    We have a dormant blog that is linked to an old colleague whose email address no longer exists and we cannot log in, nor retrieve the password.
    We wish to either DELETE the account completely and set a new one up using the same user name/ URL i.e. or get the account changed to another email address, which is very unlikely to happen. We are a company and it is important for us not to have duplicate blogs. Unfortunately, the person who set it up didn't take into account what would happen if he left.

    Can anyone help as it's impossible to contact WordPress directly, apparently?
    We just need for it to be removed so we can start again, your help is greatly appreciated!

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