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Cannot log into WordPress from India?

  1. realhousewifeinbangalore

    Hi ... We are in India and have been using our blog site for a month to communicate with family/friends on how things are going since our move. Everything worked just fine until last week. Now I cannot log into the site. In fact, I cannot get to at all. If I VPN into the US (through StrongVPN) I can connect up and log in just fine. This is rather annoying. Is there something I am missing? Why would I not be able to connect to from India? Here's another weird thing ... When I VPN in and create a post and add photos (using StrongVPN) and then turn off my vpn connection and view the post, the pictures don't show up (just red Xs where the pictures should be). If I VPN back in, the pictures are visible.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's possible the network you are using is blocking images for some reason. Are you able to contact your IT department or ISP provider to ask them to unblock everything from *

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