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Cannot login

  1. Cannot login. repeated attempts.
    Blog url:

  2. Howdy,

    From the home page, can you try navigating to your blog dashboards from 1) the My Blogs tab, or 2) the main menu (top right) in the admin bar?

  3. That works sometimes and not others.

  4. I'm continuing to have the same issues. Have reset safari and cleared cache sevral times.
    It is intermittent.
    The Safari message is the "unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy?

  5. Just tried through My Blogs tab - failed

  6. What if you go directly to the login URL for your site at: ?

  7. Currently everything is working well. All login methods
    Have you done something, or is that random behaviour?

  8. Having said that. Clicked on a link to a post and the problem returned

  9. Reset safari totally.
    Logged in via the login link you sent.
    Got to Dashboard successfully.
    Clicked on a post - failed.

  10. There are some issues right now with posting for some, and I suspect it is due to some upgrades they've done.

    If you were using Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on, I would have a suggestion (there is an issue with adblock plus that is blocking some wordpress stuff.

    Last suggestion: Go to users > personal settings and set your site to "Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" and save and then try again.

  11. HTTPS done. All working at the moment, so thanks.

    Quick question. if I upgrade do all previous links work or do I start again??

  12. if I upgrade do all previous links work or do I start again?

    What upgrade and links are you referring to?

  13. If I upgrade my account to Pro and get a different URL does the current stuff migrate?

  14. No content every migrates anywhere unless we export and import it.
    If you still aren't clear on what getting a domain is all about and what happens when you do you can read this >

  15. Can we return to the original issue?

    This morning I cannot:
    See the Gristpresent blog
    See Stats or Dashboard

    I CAN login to WP to manage my blogs (top menu) but cannot access Gristpresent from there.

    I can access another blog :

    I have emptied Cache but not reset Safari. resetting involves a great deal of logging onto sites stored in my key chain

    Any ideas?

  16. I can not log in to my dashboard, is there something wrong with wordpress? I can log into my account, but that is as far as I can get. Message coming back, server not found and the connection was reset?


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