Cannot login following password change, and don't receive password reset emails

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    I have a long-standing blog around virtualization technologies at which is hosted on

    Last week I received an email (or a page top prompt – I forget exactly) about a security compromise and that I should change my wordpress password – which I did.

    Now. ever since I did that I have not been able to login to my blog with my username, ok so I figure maybe I fat-fingered the password when I changed it and I hit the forgot my password link – but I never receive the password reset email for

    I know it’s not a spam blocker etc. because if I try exactly the same for another, old, empty blog I created years ago – I get the email.

    I can only think my blog has an incorrect email address associated with it? – although I normally get emails from, there is a chance I set it to an email account from a former employer – an account to which I now no longer have access :( – my genuine, personal email address is the one noted on my about page

    So, I’m totally locked out of my blog – I raised an web ticket at the start of the week (and prior to that emailed support) but had no reply, whilst I appreciate this is a free service (no SLA, etc. etc.) I’d love for someone to be able to help me, I’m at VMware’s big annual VMworld conference in Vegas, and have a bunch of good content coming up that I’m not going to be able to communicate to my readers :(

    Any ideas how I can get this resolved and reclaim my blog?




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    To be clear, this problem relates to my main blog at (or

    I am using this tickx account as it’s the only working account I have; and it’s not related/tied to my blog in any way



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    Contact Support directly. We volunteers can not help with this:

    (search for anything, then when you are asked if the info was helpful, answer “no.” Then fill out the form)

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