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Cannot logon with IPv6 enabled

  1. Hello!
    Since a few days i only can use IPv4.
    When enabling dual-stack i cannot logon.
    I´m not shure, if it has something to do with it, but my provider changed the MTU from 1492 to 1460.
    Any Idea?
    Best regards, Kletool
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  2. Hi there, I'd like to gather some more information for troubleshooting.

    1. Does it make a difference whether you log in via the homepage - - or via your administration area here:

    2. What exactly happens when you try to log in? Do you see an error message, and if so, what does it say? Would it be possible to upload a screenshot to help in troubleshooting?

    Here's a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you're not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library and then post a link so I can see it.

    3. Could you please try a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome?
    Firefox -
    Chrome -


  3. Hello Kathryn!
    I investigated hours the last days - Summary:
    1) XP SP3 all appliede Patches + FF16.02 in safe mode:
    - hanging with "waiting for ..." in the lower left corner with one of these hosts:,,,,
    2) Sometimes the loading of hang,
    sometimes the login stucks, sometimes i cannot get subpages like statistics.
    3) IE8 just the same - but it´s more hanging - Navigation for IE8 stops too. - Menu Items not accessible.
    4) IE10 Release Preview of Windows 8:
    Loading of hang, loading finished ~ 3 min. Using the "Anmelden" = Login Button -> hang
    Click the Url Line + Enter (
    loading imediate the login screen. Entering User + Password + Enter
    - Stuck.
    Click the Url Line + Enter ( is showing my Dashboard.
    5) Disabling the binding for IPv6 or using my Mobile Stick always works, then i´m using IPv4.
    6) My Provider is Silver Server in Vienna. - Maybe, that´s their problem.
    Last week I had a problem with IPv4 too, where they reduced my MTU from 1492 to 1460 without telling me.
    7) I tried several MTU´s for my 6to4 Tunnel to Silver Server
    1280, 1380, 1420 - No change in Stability.
    - First time: no go
    - second try: go

    Any ideas, Klemens

  4. I'm sorry we missed your reply. Did this issue resolve itself or are you still having trouble logging in?

  5. Hello Kathryn!
    Meanwhile I modified my ipv6 prefix policy like described in my article
    Just no i reseted it to defaults with:
    netsh int ipv6 reset
    Ping is now IPv6
    and NOW i can login into WordPress normal!

    Something changed on your side?

    Have a fine day, Klemens

  6. I'm glad things are working for you again - thanks for letting us know. If you have issues in the future feel free to start a new thread.

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