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Cannot move, drag-and-drop widgets

  1. I can't move my widgets by drag-and-drop anymore. Either those already in my sidebar or those in the available widgets box. Everytime I try moving one, it just stays there and all I do is underline the boxes in black. So now I can't add or remove widgets anymore.
    It worked very well just a day ago and I didn't change any configuration.
    Can someone help me?

  2. If it worked before and doesn't now then odds are it needs a backend fix and no volunteers on the forum can do that so I guess a feedback is the way to go.

  3. Probably but it would help us help you if you told us what your configuration is.

  4. I'm on Internet Explorer. It does the same thing even if I remove any security programs.
    Here's the error message I didn't see before :

    Line : 389
    Car : 5
    Error : 'Draggables.drag[...]' is Null or is not an object.
    Code : 0
    URL :

    I'm still waiting for a feedback anwser from WordPress support.

  5. It works!

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