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Connecting to from Venezuela (CANTV)

  1. Hello, I have been having problems accessing blogs since yesterday, I can't access my own blog either. I barely managed to login from the main page but I can't access to my dashboard either. I thought it was only me but I asked a friend, also from Venezuela, and she can't open either. Any idea about what's happening?
    Thanks for your attention in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First thing to try is to log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. See if that helps.

  3. @TSP: If it was the government blocking access to, then it would not just be the blogs but also the forums that would be blocked, eh?

  4. @thesacredpath: I clear my cookies every time I start a windows session, nothing changed since I restarted the pc yesterday. Besides I used another browser and asked a friend (other side of the country) to open her page or any WP blog. She couldn't.

    @airodyssey:you are probably right. Anyway, I take it your blog is hosted by WordPress or using the program right? I can't open it either :(. On the other hand, I can open thesacredpath's blog...this is so intriguing...

  5. Hello I have the same problem, I am from Venezuela too. I clear my browser and nothing happens.

  6. @thorofasgard: do you think this is a government problem? if it were it would have been announced widely. I don't think so. Could it be a problem with the provider of internet services? I use cantv's abba.

  7. The technology exists to block an individual blog not just any content from a specific base URL (i.e. U.S. based companies have been selling the technology for several years to some repressive countries.

  8. Until proven otherwise, let's not jump to the conclusion that it is a government effort. There are literally thousands of things that can happen on the internet to cause issues like this.

    * Overloaded or b0rked invisible proxy servers at ISPs.
    * Heavy loads on some trunks of the internet
    * Sections of the internet down somewhere between you and the wordpress servers
    * Faulty internet switches, routers and other equipment
    * etc.

  9. @Haphazardlycurious: I have catntv´s abba too. I do not Know. I like wordpress and I do no t want to re open a blog in somewhere else.

  10. There were also some problems recently that were related to firewall software blocking access for some people that were trying to visit blogs at from work.

    Also as TSP says - lots of things can go wrong between you and a site. My personal thoughts are that I would doubt that Venezuela would be blocking I can't see an upside to doing that for them.

  11. There is a comment in a random post in devilsexcrement . com (don't want to link since it's political talk)

    For what it’s worth CANTV seems to be blocking access to Can’t get to Caracas Gringo or Setty.

    If I use a US proxy it loads without a problem.

    Seems like I'll have to investigate if I can do that to access.

    So far I don't think it's a government effort thesacredpath but from what I saw in google news (mostly Spanish) there are several affected already.

  12. @auxclass maybe we should try contacting cantv's support to ask about that. I'll search around if I can't open the site tomorrow. Or try the proxy thing 'cause I have no idea how to do that right now.

    If any of you knows where to address this problem or extra info please share :)

  13. Another suggestion (remember I don't live in your country) would be to just work your email lists and see if your friends can get to the sites in question, that might help indicate if it is an ISP issue or something else.

    Good luck

  14. Well, i have the same problem, a friend can load my wordpress blog from a blackberry and a movistar conection, diferent to service.

    I think that someone fill a lot of wordpress IP in a dangerous list in cantv service and block any access to them.

    I don;t know my IP address blog to chek it on the list, because i cannot access:

    If someone here can provide it i lreally appreciate

  15. I could access only using a web proxy, like HideMyAss.
    My friends from other countries can see the sites very well, here they can't.
    Problems seems to be only cantv then...

  16. Contact your ISP directly and ask them to whitelist It's happened a few times recently, in the UK, in California, and in parts of Europe. Usually enough people complain that the ISP fixes it right away.

  17. Same problem here. The whole day -Monday Sept 27th- I have not been able to get into my blog. A friend of mine has had the same problem. Both of us in Venezuela. WordPress users for years and it is the first time with this kind of problem.

  18. Me and my dad are having the same problem, my blog in wordpress and pretty much every blog I try to open is not working. I can open my dad's but is really weird, with a bunch of strange numbers and letters. I'm from caracas too and this has been like that since sunday's night.

  19. palabrasdecesar

    Same problem here, also from Venezuela

  20. Is this only happening in Venezuela?

  21. @buttersweetmelody, yes. This is a Venezuela issue.

    To those having issues, please note the ISP you are using in this thread (if you haven't already). CANTV appears to be the only ISP listed in this thread with issues at the moment.

    As raincoaster mentions above, CANTV customers--please contact your ISP's support department to let them know and complain about the issue.

  22. Well, I found some information about contacting support if you want to know:

    Call for free: 0800-Cantv-00 (0800-22688-00)
    Mail: [email redacted]

  23. Someone at CANTV says the problem is a result of a maintenance and backup performed by which caused CANTV's proxy servers to register wordpress blogs with offline status, and haven't been updated afterwards for some reason.

    Is this possible?

    Taken from: (in Spanish)

  24. WordPress had a service interruption on Sept 24 for an hour or so. Been fine since.

    I am not a techie but has an odd odor to their reason. My ISP just gave me an error when I tried to reach my site and when came back up all was good.

    I would think the CANTV should be able to reset things in short order.

  25. Yes, even if it was caused by a maintenance issue on Sunday, what's strange is that it takes so long to resolve the CANTV proxy server issue. That's not something, I'm sure, they would have to 'realize', as they claim, and update manually. That doesn't make sense to me

  26. For the ones who can read in spanish...

    If that is true, they are even sicker than I thought...No wait, I actually could expect this from them...

  27. I cant enter my blog! What about wordpress blockaded Venezuela?

  28. The situation continues... everything else works for me except WordPress, I can get into here, but I'm not able to get into my blog from the connection I have at home. CANTV service.
    I did get into it from a friend's home. Different Internet service.
    The blog is working fine, people from other countries have checked.

  29. I have the same problem. I can't access to any Blogs. I have Cantv-ABA count. The problem began about 9:00 PM on Sunday (Election's day) and persist today 12:00 Pm (Monday; more than 48 hours later). My friends in Spain and Argentina can see my Blog without any problem.

  30. Problem fixed for me at least.

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