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Cannot post. Cannot upload images from my PC.

  1. This is the error: "We’re sorry! An error has occurred: Client data (HTTP request?) took too long; timed out
    (Encountered while fetching http://(null)/wp-admin/post.php.) Most errors are transient. Please try again shortly."


    Thanks for help

  2. "Please try again shortly."

    Clear your file and cookie cache and please try again.

  3. All cleared. Not resolved.
    It seems to me that there is a limitation in the length of the article.
    Never seen. How is possible?
    Article of 7-8 raws - SAVED.
    Article of 9 raws - NOT SAVED.
    Depend on the number of characters? Or what?
    Images don't upload.

  4. Same problem for 6 hours. I'm confused.

  5. Send a feedback to staff using the little button in the upper right corner of your dashboard. There is no limit on post size (number of rows or characters), and you shouldn't be having this problem for such a long time.

    Good luck!

  6. You mention "raws". Are you trying to upload RAW images straight from the camera?

    You'll need to convert them to JPG before uploading them. The interface will not recognise the RAW format and will reject it.


  7. No. No. Raws=Lines of text.

  8. ld

    Are you still having this problem?

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