Cannot publish! Please help.

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    Hey everyone, I am unable to publish anything since when I try to I receive the following:

    “Oops! Sorry an error has occurred. Please click here to contact us so that we can fix it.
    Please remember that you have to provide the full, complete Blog URL, otherwise we can not fix it”

    At first I thought it might be problem within my browser but I’ve attempted to publish on two others and its the same result. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello psybermonkey15, I recommend contacting staff directly via »



    Not only that cyber munk… but, it says that ( This Site is Password Protected )
    And when you try to sign in…it doesn’t let you…



    @sonsothunder, You can’t sign into the blog as a reader because psybermonkey15, hasn’t added you as a reader.



    Well, what sort of Monkey business is that…just kidding…though, I am a little hurt, now that you told me she doesn’t accept me.


    Thanks slikbonez, I received help from the staff from the link you provided and it’s back to normal.

    And yes, unfortunately I have yet to finish setting up my blog so until then it is set to private. Can’t wait till it’s done! :D

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