Cannot purchase multiple upgrades. WP shop broken?

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    Hey, is anyone else having problems purchasing an upgrade from the WP shop? I haven’t been able to get it to go through, and no one from support has replied to my messages… so I guess no one wants my money, how sad.

    I’m using the coupon code that was given to some of us after the password security issue, and I can’t tell if the coupon code is causing the problems or what. I’ve tried multiple credit cards, so I don’t think it’s my end.

    I’m also wondering why it won’t let me add multiple things to the shopping cart… i.e. a Premium theme and No-Ads.

    … frustrated…

    The blog I need help with is




    usually between contacting support and the forums, I get a quick reply

    I’m super surprised that in the case of wanting to PURCHASE something, everyone seems to have disappeared!


    @dearmariana, I haven’t heard of any other reports with purchasing an upgrade like the one you described, but I do know that purchases are going through and so the issue may be related to your account specifically. I replied to your email help request separately since you posted error message details there and I’d like to look more into your account specifics.



    Thanks for your reply – just got your email about this as well. It’s evening now here in Italy, but I’ll give it a try like you suggested first thing in the morning. Thanks, Mariana


    Sounds good!

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