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Cannot purchase Premium Theme: Everyday

  1. Hello:

    For a couple of days, I wanted to "Save and Activate" Theme: Everyday by Automattic via the "Live Preview" panes and the "Manage Themes" link. But I enountered failed error messages and failed PayPal transaction several times. I've "tested/tried" via the latest IE and Firefox internet/web browsers.

    Thanks and let me know the status.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is silly. You have posted into multiple threads on the same issue and Staff replied stating they are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. Macnmanx stated he will post into the threads telling you and the others when a resoltion has been found. Please stop creating new threads.

  3. Off/related-topic: I've been getting "Null" in the body of the e-mails to subscribed Forum topics and have a difficult time following the replies of each member.

  4. That's not a good thing. Thanks for reporting it. I have flagged this thread to bring that to Staff attention.

  5. Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into it.

  6. @timethief Thanks for replying to my thread. Also, I won't create multiple threads for the same issue.

    @macmanx Thanks for replying to my thread.


    FYI update: I just tried purchasing Theme: Everyday a few seconds ago and I got redirected to the "https://[WP blog address here]" (again, just like previous attempts). Perhaps, the "fix" didn't work for me/some WP bloggers.

  7. Specifically, where were you trying to purchase the theme?

    Is it from the theme showcase, the Appearance section of your Dashboard, or a theme preview?

  8. @ macmanx The redirect (from PayPal back to the Appearance > Theme of my Dashboard) occurred via the "" webpage. The incident is the same via the "Activate" link and "Live Preview" link via the Appearance > Theme of my Dashboard. So all three locations are affected.

  9. Ok, that does sound like a different problem.

    Are you able to pay with anything other than PayPal while we look into this?

  10. I would prefer to purchase the premium theme via PayPal and may have some other means of payment besides PayPal.

  11. Not a problem, we're working on a solution.

  12. Purchasing a premium theme using PayPal has been fixed. Thank you for reporting this issue.

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