cannot put "" emotes on my blog;tho tyhey say they allow it.

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    hi, i have the blog “sandraminadotty” “whattodowhiletheplanetdies@wordpress” free blog OK, i have a favorite emoticon website; it has CHANGED. you can no longer be allowed to put their emotes on your email, or store them on yer computer. but it says, you can put them on your blog. my blog., so, my computer repairman says, i have to learn HTML code to do it. is that true?i am a beginner, and that is code!! this is the emote website”” and they have lots of animated emoticons, and they are a German(i think) website, located in Berlin. well, they are so controlin g over their emotes now, you can’t do anything with them, except what they say.(so German.) but they do say i can put them on my blog. how do I do it?their code does n ot translate into the emote picture. so do I have to get permission from them??,they hide them from copying to computers. only on facebook, twitter, and blogs can you put them. OIK, how do i learn html so I can get these emotes onto my blog only?are you familiar with these guys?they have fantastic emotes!just please look at their site, “” Berlin,and tell me how the heck i put them on my blog.Please . I had to hire a computer repair guy, just to find out i have to learn html to post them!!they got got heavy duty copy writes!!success really ruins people what is the technical way,I can put the emoticons on my blog?thanks so much, sincerely, newbie blogger running into complex crazy emote Germans. sigh. :(( thanks so much, you guys are great. i love blogging. love you!!!! sandraminadotty
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Go here > Settings > Writing
    Writing Settings and enable this
    Formatting Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display
    click “save changes”



    P.S. If you blog is not a children’s blog but is focused on business or professional information sharing then be aware that emoticons project an amateurish and unprofessional appearance that can compromise your reputation.



    There’s no “”. Are you talking about ?


    yes, .net. i did what she said, there is no enable formatting on there.i did click emoticons, it was al;ready checked. why is it not working? i still don’t know how to convert them from smileydesigns, to my blog. thanks. i will go ask theu author, too, but he never replies. sigh have to hire a computer geek again; last one said”you have to learn html to put smiletdesign emotes on your blog.”” ye christ!!! does it all have to be difficult?? :((



    I see custom emoticons all over this September 25th post

    Exactly which browser and version of it are you using. If you aren’t sure click here to find out >

    Note: If you are using an IE9 browser in compatibility mode that makes it render as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. To disable see >

    a. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies >

    b. Try updating your browser to the latest stable version



    a) Timethief’s suggestions have to do with displaying standard emoticons: totally irrelevant to your question.

    b) You don’t have to learn HTML and you don’t have to convert anything. You find the icon you want on, click “HTML” then click on the icon. The grey rectangle will display the HTML code for that icon. You copy it and paste it into the Text editor.


    what the heck is the text editor, where? i have copied it, tried to paste it in machine, or in browser, still will not work. it’s FLAT NOT ANIMATED, the way its supposed to be. i even copied it into email, sent it, still does not work.WHY is it no longer posssible to select picture, hit right button “save as “and save into computer?what is different on this site, so no regular copying is possible now?how cum the computer repairmen are so dumb, and can’t do this?and what iis a “text editor”?never heard of it, iss it in hp pavillion windows 7 information, in the “help” section?is this whole subject in windows 7 help section? thanks, bedeviled by dumb eugene, oregon computer repairmen who don’t know s______..


    i’m using latest chrome browser, (i think) windows 7 microsoft, hp pavillion(very new, fast, plenty ram ;i been using chrome for some time.those are the few emotes i could get, now, only ones i get off smileydesign, are flat unanimated. not sure why new ones no longer work. i cleared cookies and cache. i can’t get them animated, any more.b i even tried a “screen capture”program, worked at first, not any more, and can’t go back and do more copies.???? just tell me what “text edito” is,thank you. (i also can’t get dragon nat. speak. version 11 to reactivate; ha ha. i just love this wonderful software.—not.))



    They won’t be animated if you resize them.

    When you go to write a post, if you see buttons above the Write Post box that have words in them, like here, that’s the Text editor. If they have images like in MSWord, that’s the Visual editor. YOu need to paste them in the Text editor.

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