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Cannot remove link in nav bar

  1. I'm using the Contempt theme. I added a page and it added a link in the top nav bar under the header. Realizing that wasn't where I wanted a link, I deleted the page. Deleting the page didn't delete the nav bar link. Is there a way I can remove it?

  2. I see that the page is not there. I would imagine since the blog is replicated across all the servers, it must be a caching problem and will disappear pretty soon. If it is still there on Monday, send in a feedback through your admin area. I would recommend sooner, but support is closed until then. By the way, for support in the forum it is best to link to your blog in your profile. Linking to a commercial blog just confuses anyone trying to help you.


  3. Ah, sorry about that link. Good point. It's changed now.
    Thank you for your advise.


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