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Cannot remove search widget

  1. - this is what it looks like right now.

    From what I see, there seems to be a search widget in a footer.

    Two problems:

    - Why there are two footers at all.
    - I cannot possibly remove that search widget. When I go to presentation and widgets, the search widget isn't there in the either the 'Main Sidebar' box or the 'Footer Widgets' box. The search widget is instead in the 'Available Widgets' box.

    What I want to do after I remove that search widget from footer 1 is to put it in the main sidebar.

    The theme I'm using is Tarski.

  2. It's part of the default sidebar.
    Put an empty text widget in there and the search will disappear.

  3. Hey there,

    I tried putting an empty text widget in there, but while the search box, etc. has disappeared, the two lines marking the footer haven't.

  4. The lines are a design decision and we don't change those. I imagine the author thought someone would have content down there.

  5. Oh, alright then.

    But just to be clear, what I mean is that there are two lines, a blank space, and then another two lines with the credits, etc. underneath. Is that what you're talking about?

  6. Yep - that's it.

  7. Ah, I see. Guess I'll have to find something to put in there. A blank space does look pretty strange.

    By the way, would you know how to centrally align text within a text widget?

  8. use the standard html codes [center][/center]

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