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    I tried adding some sites unsuccessfully to my gravatar, now I have a bunch there inclusing duplicates. How do I remove them? I tried to remove them via editing my profile, but they keep returning upon refresh. There is no “Save” button anywhere on the page.

    I have tried to fix it in Chrome and Interent Explorer, neither works.

    The blog I need help with is



    It doesn’t look like you have a free hosted blog. If you did and were logged into it then you could remove the sites from the bottom of > Users > My Profile page.

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    I’m having the same issue. And on quick search, this looks to be a bug at the moment?



    What are the links of the sites you want to remove?

    Are you referring to those listed on your Gravatar profile? or the ones listed here ?



    For me, it’s the websites that show up under my gravatar picture on my profile page – there are two with broken links I want to remove (showing 404 images)

    When editing my profile under the “websites” section, I supposedly can click the “X” to remove the sites but they aren’t actually deleted – have tried numerous times – they always reappear when I come back to the section or refresh. FYI, there is no “save” button on this page.



    I removed those links for you from your My Profiles page at


    I am also having the same problem trying to remove a link that is sitting with the 404 message. I have tried numerous times clicking the “X” but as others have said there is no save and it just keeps coming back on my Gravatar profile page.

    Can you help please?

    Thank you!



    Thank you very much Kardotim!!! It worked!!!



    thanks for your help kardotim

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