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cannot remove unused blog from dashboard

  1. I have two blogs listed in my dashboard (both are self-hosted), and I would like to remove one of them. It was a temporary development site that is no longer used.

    I only use for the stats plugin.

    I tried filling in the form to contact support on wordpress, but they block the form submission with a response saying that they only support hosted sites -- even though it is their dashboard. They say to go to for support, but only answers general wordpress questions, they say to contact support since it is their dashboard.

    Who do I have to contact to have an unused blog removed from the list of blogs in my dashboard? The support form won't submit, and I can't find an email address to send to.

  2. Bit of a Catch22 there.

    I've added a tag to this post, so hopefully we can get staff to comment on what you should do.

  3. Fill in the support form here at with a bogus address. Do make sure you include all details of the actual blogs though.

  4. Thanks! I'll try that.

  5. thanks hanni

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