Cannot resize image inserted by URL

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    When I insert an image to my post by URL, change the size of the image to smaller (say 60%) or go into the Advance Settings to change the width and height, update the post, preview it, it still shows full size. Is it a problem with or the theme I’m using?

    The blog I need help with is



    Interesting! Looks like Choco is the culprit.

    On my test blog, in Choco, I added an image from URL (not located on WP), changed it to 60%, previewed and…nothing. Switched to several other themes, including Vigilance, iNove, Spectrum and Enterprise, and they all showed the image resized to 60% of its original size. and feel free to point them at this thread.


    In the meantime you can downsize your images as shown here:



    Thanks. I ended up download it, resize it and upload. Just pain in you-know-what. In the mean time, I still haven’t heard anything from the wordpress’ support team. I submitted a request yesterday following Jennifer’s suggestion.



    Staff have many support tickets to deal with. There are around 18,000,000 of us now. They will get back to you when your ticket rises to the top of their queue. It’s good to know you have a means of doing this while waiting. :) I will flag this thread for Theme Staff attention.



    timethief, I apologize if I sounded pushy or angry. It wasn’t my intention. Never meant that.



    @tt closer to 20 million of us now actually. :)



    I didn’t think you sounded negative at all. I just wanted to share the reality. I think it’s amazing that about 65 Staff are running the whole show. :)

    Thanks for the correction. :)


    @jensonyu: “download it, resize it and upload” may be “pain in you-know-what” but it gives you better quality – see here:



    Interesting though, when you use “Press It” with an image, actually uploads it to your own Media Library. In some cases this could present a copyright kerfluffle, so I’d certainly check with the source before using it.

    @tt, think it’s now closer to 80. :D


    Hi all, just an update on this. As @justjennifer mentioned above Choco is the culprit here. :)

    We’ve got the issue tracked now so that we can start looking into it. Thanks for your patience as we sort it all out.



    Hi all, thanks for waiting!

    The issue regarding not being able to scale an image has been resolved now.


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