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Cannot Schedule

  1. I just wrote a post I want to schedule to be published at 21 of March 2012, at 00:01. It´s impossible. Something crashed on WordPress, and I cannot see the date, year or time I chose, neither is their any "schedule" button.
    Blog url:

  2. Howdy,

    Could you walk me through the exact steps you're taking, and any error messages that you see?

    As a first step, please try clearing your browser's cache:

    Please also make sure you're running the latest version of your browser:

  3. If you read this, you can see that many are having the same problem;


    There is nothing wrong with my computer or browser. I have the same problems as everybody else, see forum link.


  4. I checked again. Now it seems to be perfectly possible to fill out all the fields when scheduling a post. But the one I want to schedule is saved as a draft and there is no way to schedule it. I have filled in all the fields, it´s programmed to be published at the 21 of march 2012, at 00:01. But it is still a draft, no button for "Schedule". I can save it as a pending review, or keep it as a draft. But no scheduling.

    Is this info enough, or do you still want me to give you more info in detail?


  5. I think the problem is solved. I don't know how the scheduling problem was solved, but it works now. The next problem I got was probably because I scheduled my post to be published in 2011 instead of 2012, by mistake. Anyway, it all works now.
    Thanks for your time


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