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Cannot schedule posts

  1. When I click on the "Publish at" fields, they have started disappearing. The date and time fields flash for a second, then vanish, leaving only the punctuation. This has been happening for a few weeks. I have used this feature many times in the past without problems, so I'm familiar with how it works.

    My theme is Contempt. I have changed nothing in my blog settings recently.

    I am also having a problem with my font size being changed to "medium" in HTML when it has always been "small." I think these 2 issues started at about the same time.
    Blog url:

  2. Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  3. I am using IE9, version 9.0.8112.16421.

    I used to use FireFox, but it totally stopped working with WordPress some months ago and I never could get help from WordPress to resolve it. I could open my blog as a reader, but once I tried to log in and do anything, the screen would go white.

    So now I use IE.

    PS: On the font problem, today I tried saving the post in Word in Arial 10 and it pasted in at the correct "small" size and stayed that way. Easy workaround.

  4. Do you often paste from Word?

    That's more than likely the problem, as word processors create tons of proprietary data that we can't translate.

    See this for more info:

    To rule-out a browser-specific issue regarding the other bit, would you please try Firefox again, or try Chrome? And, make sure that you're using the latest versions.

  5. macmanx, I have been pasting in from Word since Day 1 - but it was a few months in before I realized I needed to paste through that icon, which I now do every single time.

    Not meaning to sound contrary (and certainly not siding with Microsoft--I'm no fan), but I can't say I see any connection between the origin of a post's text and the scheduling function. Scheduling is a feature purely created by WordPress, and all I can do it select date and time. It has absolutely nothing to do with text editing. What am I missing here?

    The other day I downloaded the latest version of Firefox (like I always do when Firefox notifies me), went to my blog, and as soon as I logged in and tried to get to the Dashboard -- white screen. This happens on every computer I own (desktop, laptop, netbook), so the problem would seem to be with WordPress. I used Firefox to maintain the blog for several years, until it stopped working. I notified WordPress, got no resolution, and switched to IE out of necessity.

  6. Oh, sorry about that. I thought you were mentioning some formatting issues.

    Are you using any add-ons with Firefox?

  7. Yes, I was having trouble with font size. I always work in Word Arial 12, but when it pastes into WordPress, it converts to Arial 10. That stopped happening a few weeks ago (about the time the scheduling problem started). But I have found if I convert to Arial 10 while still in Word, it pastes over to WordPress OK.

    I use no add-ons with Firefox. I've never used Firefox enough to learn my way around it. I used it ONLY for my WordPress blog because it was supposed to work better than IE. But now that it doesn't work at all anymore, Firefox is dead to me.

  8. Ok, let's give a pass on Firefox then. It sounds like that's having more issues.

    Would you please try Chrome or any other browser instead?

    I'd like to find out if your scheduling trouble is limited to just IE 9.

  9. YES YES YES!!!! (Those are exclamations of joy.)

    I just tried it in Chrome, and scheduling posts works. So it IS an IE9 problem.

    Hope that helps.

    Now I guess I'll start using Chrome for the blog.

  10. Perfect!

    Are you running any add-ons in IE 9? If so, would you mind trying with all of those disabled?

    If that doesn't work, you please try with IE's compatibility mode enabled?

  11. OK, I'll try. I don't deliberately run any add-ons in IE, but I see this big list of them "enabled." I assume I have to turn all those off.

    I don't know what compatibility mode is, but I see that under "Tools," the option "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is checked. Does that mean I've already got compatibility mode enabled?

  12. Disabled all add-ons, closed IE9, re-opened it. Checked to make sure all add-ons were still disabled. They were.

    Tried to schedule a post. Same thing happened. Fields disappeared, leaving only the punctuation between them.

    I think it was in the forum where I first posted about this where another user said he was having the same problem and just left the screen sitting there for about 15 minutes and the scheduling fields eventually reappeared. I haven't tried this, but it doesn't seem a viable fix.

  13. Hm, in that case would you please try unchecking "Display all websites in Compatibility View"?

  14. Aha!!

    When I unchecked that Compatibility view thing, the scheduling fields STAYED PUT. (And I had re-enabled the add-ons that were enabled before we started.)

    What baffles me is that I never checked compatibility, not knowing what it is nor even where to find it, so why did it suddenly become a problem?

    But if leaving it unchecked affects nothing else, then I'm all fixed.

  15. Success!

    That option is usually on by default, but won't affect too many things in IE 9, so it should be fine now.

  16. Thanks for all the troubleshooting. WordPress is great, but when it goes off the rails, it's a beast.

  17. You're welcome!

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