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    Hi WP support,

    For some reason I cannot see my Home page in “pages” under the dashboard. Why is this? I also cannot set my page “visibility” preferences in my side bar widgets because of this. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your homepage isn’t a static page such as those you create in Pages > Add New, it’s just the blog front. By default, the blog front displays your latest posts.
    To set the visibility, you select Show or Hide if Page is Posts page.


    Hi Justpi, Many thanks for the correct advice. This is now resolved.


    Hi Justipi, Sorry, I think I spoke too soon. I have tried to add the visibility, to Show \ Page is \ Posts page for the following image & text but it still does not show up on my home page side widget . It is showing up perfectly well in my “About” page. If you look at my “about” page you will see what I mean
    <img src=”” width=”180″ />
    – McKinsey 7S Framework
    – Ansoff Growth Matrix
    – GE Growth Matrix
    – BCG Product Portfolio Matrix
    – Michael Porter 5 Forces Model
    – Michael Porter 3 Generic Model
    – Engel Kollat – The Blackwell Model



    You’ve got:
    • homepage;
    • static pages;
    • category pages;
    • tag pages;
    • single post view.
    Which of the above should display the widget and which shouldn’t?


    Hi Justpi,

    I am trying to display the image & text mentioned above in my “home page” and followed your instructions <<<Show \ Page is \ Posts page >>>> but it is still not showing. I need it to be in the “home” page and “about” page. It is showing up well in the “about” page,, so, the page I need help is the “home” page. Thanks.



    Since it’s not working, use the roundabout way: instead of telling it where to show up, tell it where not to show up. Select Hide, • if Page is > Books I recommend,
    • if Page is > Post,
    • if Category is > All category pages,
    • if Tag is > All tag pages.


    Hi Justpi, Sorry but your instructions don’t work. I find this issue very bizarre. I put up a whole blog site but can’t seem to fix a side widget issue. Very strange.



    I tried the above suggestion in my tests blog, using Titan, and it worked exactly as you want it to. Perhaps my instructions aren’t clear. If you open the widget and click Visibility, how many pairs of pulldowns do you see below the Show/Hide pulldown?

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