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Cannot see likes and sharing buttons anymore

  1. Just 4 hours ago everethyng was OK.
    Now when I am on my HOME page I can see LIKE and Sharing buttons and actual likes icons only under the first 7 posts from the top of the page. For others posts I can see tlikes and sharing buttons only by viewing the individual post not the HOME page! What has happened to the blog? I did not changed sharing settings.
    They are "On for all posts"!
    Visitors cannot like my posts from the HOME page anymore!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be patent while waiting for Staff to get to this thread and view your blog and respond to your issue.

  3. Thanks

  4. You're welcome. You can subscribe to this thread and receive a notification when Staff respond to it.

  5. Sorry for the trouble, we're looking into this!

  6. Hello,

    I'm having the same issue. I can only see the likes for the past 7 posts and not all of them. I didn't change anything. I have "on for all posts" turned on. Could you please help me?

    Your help is much appreciated!

    Zina Hermez

  7. The problem is still not resolved. :-(

  8. I know, we're still looking into it.

  9. I tried to change a theme, but in wain, the trouble still the same in different themes, just only first 7 posts have likes and sharing buttons visible...

  10. As you have discovered changing themes will not help, please just wait patiently for Staff to fix this.

  11. yournameherecom

    I just changed themes (from Oxygen to Able) on my blog at and the Likes/Sharing buttons no longer appear on my posts (there are only two posts so far; new blog). Have Likes and Shares selected to show in Settings/Sharing.

  12. yournameherecom

    Ignore previous: had neglected to select "Show on Front Page". Tx.

  13. I don't mean to pressure you.
    I know you are still working on the "likes" and "shares" disappearing problem. I have the same issue, I can only see them up to the past seven posts.
    But now, my most recent post has the order of comments mixed up. Originally, I replied to each of my followers individually by hitting the reply button. But now, my comments are stacked on top of each others and so are theirs. Just wanted to make you aware. Perhaps this happened while you were trying to fix the other stuff?

  14. Since you're asking about comment ordering, not missing Like and Share buttons, please open a separate thread:

  15. I continue... I tried Mistique theme and everything was OK. So my guess is that this is Twelve Ten theme bug, and it is connected to infinite scroll.
    It is said in the Settings-Reading menu that Infinite scroll "Shows 7 posts on each load". So when it is ON, I can see likes only under 7 photos, when it is OFF I can see likes only under 10 photos.
    Please, fix the problem.

  16. Just checking in on the "likes and shares" issue I wrote of almost a week ago. I can only see the likes and shares of the most recent 7 posts on my blog. Is this an issue you think will be resolved?

  17. It's a site-wide issue, so we'll definitely resolve it. I just don't have an estimate as to when that will be.

  18. Ok thanks.

  19. You're welcome!

  20. Thanks! We shall wait.

  21. I have the same problem. When indefinite scrolling is turned on, 7 posts are shown on each load. That's why we only see the sharing buttons for 7 posts. When I deactivate indef scrolling, the buttons appear for the number of posts I have chosen to view per page, but for templates that have the "Load more posts" button at the bottom (instead of the "Older Posts" link), the problem reappears when I press the button.

  22. Yes, the issue affects all blogs. We're looking into it.

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