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Cannot see my avatar

  1. hi, i am new to this ... I uploaded my personal picture/avatar (now I cannot find the dialogue menu on my dashboard anymore), but the picture is not showing in my blog. Help?


  2. Me again ... I can SEE my avatar now in my own post-for-help - is this all that it's good for? Can I see it in my blog, too?

    thanxs again
    xizao aka birchcrow[at]

  3. I believe the avatars are still only found on the forums here.

    Might help us help you if you gave us a specific as to where you're looking at.

  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I think perhaps I am mildly misunderstood: I would like to have my picture above the "Blogroll" column on my blog. I downloaded it (where?), but I do not know how to get it into that column. Thank you,


  5. See if Timethief's walkthru makes any sense to you. If not, I can expand on it.

  6. hi thanks for the help - i found the post & I understand the process, but i still would like you to expand on it:
    - i dont know how to send the image to the editor ("save & keep editing"?)
    - i dont know how to "copy the entire image code"
    - i dont know how to open the text widget & paste the code. I can see the widgets which are supposed to be dragged to the sidebar pane, but i cannot drag them (using Konqueror under SuSE Linux 10.0, perhaps I need Mozilla?) and I do not see a text widget, only a form asking me how many text widgets I want (and save of that query).


  7. send the image to the editor

    That's one of the options on the menu.

    copy the entire image code

    copy the URL for the image. You'll see it when you send it to the editor.

    Not sure about Konqueror. Does it have Javascript support? (I thought it did) You need it to use the widgets.

  8. Nope, does not work for me - the viewing, that is. I can do all the steps you and Timethief suggested, but the configuration of the Text widget with

    either in the header or in the body of the widget only leads to printing out the URL in the sidebar...

    (I am doing this with Mozilla 1.5 now)

    any other advice???
    cheers & thanks

  9. @xizao
    I just changed the theme in my test blog to "light" which is the one you are using. I then right clicked on your image and loaded it to my computer. I then went to the light theme blog and created a new post. I uploaded your image into the new post then copied and pasted the code from the image into a text widget and I now have your image showing in my sidebar.
    I'm recommending that you go through the process again. Do you want step by step instructions for doing that?

  10. You need to put that as an image tag:

    <img src="" />

  11. Yup - this worked, the img tag was missing. Thanks a lot, both of you - and good night from Berlin!


  12. HOORAY! Another happy camper. :D

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